“I wish to thank Go Study for helping this dream come true.”


“When I met the people involved with Go Study I understood that they were working with passion and professionalism – what a great mix- When I did my application through them, it confirmed my first impression. I had great help from Go study in Milan and Sydney. They were honest and ready to help me at any time.”


“Once I arrived, Go Study Melbourne Team helped me with my resume and all the first steps in Australia. I also met other people through the Go Study events.”


“Go Study have always provided guidance, support and encouragement when I needed: my resume when I arrived, the right school to learn English first and to prepare my IELTS later. As a Company, we rely on Go Study to provide casual labourers for our events. I am always happy to refer people to Go Study because they are serious professionals who really care about students.”


“My advice to all those who have just arrived is: don’t be afraid to try to work wherever they want and don’t be discouraged on the first try because they can get it.”

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