Perth, where the sun never fails

Perth is the Capital City of Western Australia. It is popular for being one of the most isolated cities in the world. It is closer to Jakarta, Indonesia, than Adelaide, the closest Australian city!

But this isolation brings peace: Perth is completely surrounded by nature, therefore, influences the quiet and relaxed lifestyle.

The mining boom during the 90’s has contributed to consolidating the economic structure of the Perth inhabitants to have a wealthy lifestyle. In fact the city is one of the richest in the world. This is why Perth offers a wide range of work and study opportunities.

When you talk about Australian cities, Perth is never the first one in mind. However, it is a great alternative to the busy Sydney or the cold Melbourne.

In short, Perth is the perfect destination for those wishing to discover the genuine Australian way of life. Go Study also highly recommends Perth for those who wants to establish in Australia on long-term.

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Top 4 of Perth's perks
  • Cheaper cost of life
  • Better work opportunities
  • Sun all year long
  • Authentic Australian way of life
The services in our Perth office

Go Study just opened an office in Perth! Our Perth Team can provide all the support you need in Australia. Discover now our free services:

  • Studies in Australia: Go Study will advice and support you about studies in Australia (English Courses, Vocational or University) and student visa.
  • Job support: Our Perth Team is organising free Job Sessions to help you to quickly find a job in Australia.
  • Evenings and excursions: discover the city with our parties, excursions, Surf Camp, beach BBQ and more!
  • An amazing community: meet people by joining our wide community in Australia.
  • Extend your stay in Australia: at the end of your visa, Go Study can help you to extend your stay in Australia.
  • And more!

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Study in Perth

Perth welcomes every year approximately 55.000 international students from more than 40 nations, even though is the most isolated city in Australia and in the world.
They come to Perth in order to attend some of the best English schools, Colleges or Universities of Australia.

Western Australia is the perfect destination for whom would like to study englsh thanks to the vibrant student lifestyle.

Living here is perfect in order to make friendship with people from around the world. So, if you are considering to attend a short English Course during your stay, or if you are planning a longer journey in Perth (to enjoy the summer), we will be able to find a solution which best suits your needs.

Studying in Perth means having the possibility to choose between different educations providers, connected with the work environment and could lead in finding a job in Australia or abroad.

English courses go from basic English knowledge level up to academic and test preparation.

Professional colleges in Perth are some of the most interesting in Australia.

In fact, Perth is the most indicated City concerning specific profession and related courses. The most interesting professional study courses are:

  • Building and construction and similar (electrician, tayler, plumber)
  • Hospitality and cookery
  • Childcare and Aged care

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Work in Perth

In addition, Perth is less competitive than Sydney and Melbourne. It would be easier to find a sponsor, so it is the perfect destination for who would like to stay in Australia long term.

The unemployment rate is very low, approximately 6% and in most of the cases is related to locals, not students or temporary resident. Salaries are higher than any other city in Australia, for this reason it is easy to work and study at the same time. Also the remuneration is higher than in the East Coast cities.

Many foreigners students choose Perth as a destination in order to start their adventure in Australia and pursue their objectives.

Perth has high demands in qualified jobs, especially in hospitality, construction or childcare. If you have the right qualifications, experience, attitude and English level, you will find a sponsor visa in Perth.

Perth is located in a perfect position, close to some of the fastest growing economies in the world such as China, Japan and Indonesia. For this reason Perth is one of the richest city in the world.

Furthermore, the international trade agreement with China, Korea, Japan and India, are helping Perth with international relationships. Also the internal region of Western Australia is taking advantage from this position, thanks to exportations and production of material.

Due the dimension of Perth and Western Australia area, mobility between districts and towns could be difficult. Also farms in regional area could be hundreds kms far from each other. For these reasons many students and Working Holiday holders decide to buy a second hand car, in order to more possibilities to find a job.

Furthermore, some areas surrounding Perth are considered as regional area, which means WHV makers could find an eligible work in the extent to apply for a second WH, just 30min drive from Perth.

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Based on your profile we can suggest you which job and which relevant course of study could be the best option according to your needs.

Live in Perth

Western Australia is almost as big as 1/3 of the European continent; it takes approximately 5 hours by plane to reach the major cities on the East Coast such as Melbourne or Sydney.

Perth was build up on a natural bay. It is split in a half by the Swan River, commonly called North of the City and South of the City.
The two parts of the cities are linked by several bridges. Depending on the Area the water would be salty or fresh.

The Ocean is approximately 20 minutes driving from the City Centre. There are many hostels, restaurants and a casinò. In the CBD(city centre) there is an area completely dedicated to Students. There is a cosy park near the State Library where students can meet, organise events, or enjoy a movie on the massive screen beside the Theatre.

One of Perth’s best characteristic is Nature. If you have not seen a sunset on the ocean yet, well, you are in the right place! In some areas you might be able to walk and bump into kangaroos wondering around.

Also if you catch a ferry for approximately 40 minutes, you will reach Rottenest Island. This spot is the actual wild nature paradise. Here you could meet cheerful parrots, wallabies. Quokkas and…. a few sharks.

  • Cottesloe Area is approximately 15 minutes from Perth City Centre. It is one of the best spot to watch the sunset on the indian ocean. Here you can swim in clear water, do some snorkelling, surf or enjoying a picnic or a BBQ under the shade of the maritime pines.
  • Walking in Kings Park and in the Botanic Garden: get lost in 4km of green, where more than 2500 different types of plants found their home. Here you could walk along the suspended path named “Federation Walkway” which is on the East side of the park, just above the Swan River and then enjoying a Picnic.
  • Whale watching: from September to December whales migrate from North toward the Antarctic just off Perth coasts.
  • Swim and sunbathe at stunning beaches, like Scarborough, where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful sunset and active nightlife. Cottesloe as well is one of the best spots where to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.
  • Enjoy authentic Australian dishes and ethnic cuisine thanks to the high number of cafès and restaurants.
  • Getting lost in the cosy streets of Fremantle, a small colonial town located approximately 20 minutes from Perth. Or enjoy the area of Margaret River surrounded by agriculture and wineries

Perth citizens are friendly and easygoing, due to the positive and relaxed lifestyle of the city. Everybody enjoys other people’s company and the atmosphere seems similar to a town more than a City even though Perth counts approximately 2 million of inhabitants.

It is a clean town with a very low criminal rate. The lifestyle is sociable with many enjoying time with friends and family at beach, parks, playing sport and of course a BBQ.

It is mostly Mediterranean, with dry hot summer and the winters are mild and rainy.

The Sun is shining always in Perth, up to 320 days per year. This allows people to enjoy the beach or a quiet day at the swimming pool. It is the perfect city for people who love sport and outdoor activities.

Perth transportation system is well organised, however the best way to get around in Perth is by bike as bike paths are everywhere in the City.

The public transportation is clean, punctual and reliable. The name of the Agency is Transperth, and includes trains, ferries and buses.

Perth international Airport has daily flights to all the major cities in Australia and internationally. It is possible also to reach Perth via train (Indian pacific) or bus (greyhound).

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