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1. Working Holiday Visa (second year visa)

If you were lucky enough to come here on a Working Holiday Visa, you might be eligible to extend for another year. 

To qualify, you need to

  • have a passport from an eligible country
  • be aged between 18 and 31
  • must have completed at least 88 days of farm work, fruit picking or constructions work in Regional Australia while on your 1st working holiday visa.

You can find more information here:


  • It’s relatively easy to find farm work
  • The visa is low cost and lets you stay in Australia for one additional year.


  • The farm work is often hard labour such as picking fruit, and you have to be in regional areas.
  • Once you have your 2nd year working holiday visa, it might be hard for you to find a job as you can only work for the same employer for 6 months.
  • If you wish to stay longer than 1 year you will need a student visa.

2. Student Visa

The Student Visa is a perfect option for many people because it’s flexible, can last many years and its quite fast to get approved (sometimes instantly). A student visa gives you the advantages of the more complex visas without the struggle of a complex application. Your visa may last from 3 months all the way up to 5 or more years depending on the courses you package together.

You can enrol in an English language course, vocational course or higher education course, or a package of all course types to give you a long study experience in Australia. If you are already in Australia on a student visa, you can get a student visa extension easily.

Learn more about Student Visa options here.

While universities may be costly, there are over 1200 other institutions in Australia that are approved to host international students. There are several private and public colleges that offer quality, yet affordable courses with great outcomes.

Go study can help you for free to choose the best school. 

Contact one of Go Study’s experienced counsellors to discuss which courses will meet your goals. Our services are free and we guarantee the best prices on all courses.


  • Low cost ($560)
  • Easy to get
  • Fast processing
  • Leads to different visas (post-study work visa)
  • Includes a work permit
  • You can also work FULL TIME during your course breaks
  • No age limitation
  • You can include a partner on your visa
  • Flexible (can last up to 5+ years)
  • Allows student visa extensions
  • Can lead to Post Study Work Rights (2 years unrestricted working after completion of your course). You .


  • Many schools of varying quality (seek professional help from Go Study to choose your course),
  • Work rights are limited to 40 hours per fortnight


If you need to extend your visa urgently, we can help you do that. People come to us every day stating they have left this visa renewal too late.

Go Study can assist you to submit a student visa quickly, often on the SAME DAY as enquiry if your case is urgent.

3. Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (457)

The Temporary Work visa is for those who can secure an eligible job offer and sponsorship from an Australian company.

This visa will allow you to stay and work in Australia for as long as you have the job and may last 2 years or 4 years depending on your job classification. There are many eligible occupations, and you need to have qualifications and work experience in the field you are getting sponsored for.  Anyone on a 457 must be paid “market rate” with a minimum salary of $65,000 plus superannuation.

If you are seeking a 457 right now, please contact an experienced migration agent to assist you. If you are planning your studies with the goal of 457 sponsorship, you may contact Go Study Australia to select courses that can lead to highly skilled jobs suitable for sponsorship.


  • Stay and work in Australia up to 4 years and extend your visa once, after your initial sponsorship.
  • Your job may lead to residency in some cases.
  • You can include your family.
  • The 457 allows Visa extensions.


  • Costly ($1080)
  • You need a job offer from an approved business and many businesses find it hard to gain approval to sponsor staff.
  • The business incurs annual costs to sponsor you.
  • Processing times are long, averaging 6-18 months.  
  • In April 2018, this visa will be abolished and replaced with Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. For more information read here:

4. Skilled Independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa is one option to obtain permanent residency in Australia, it is a point tested visa, and you get points for age, work experience, etc.

You may be eligible to apply for citizenship after 4 years. The process for the Skilled Independent visa involves a few stages including a skills assessment, expression of interest, possible state sponsorship and visa application.

Find more information here:


  • Allows you to stay in Australia permanently.


  • High cost ($3,670)
  • Not for everyone because you need to meet a list of very specific skills.
  • Long processing times.
  • You will need to contact a migration agent to discuss your eligibility for this visa which can also be costly.

5. Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination Scheme may lead to the Australian residency, but again you’ll need a job offer. Your occupation needs to fall on the medium to long term migration list, and you need to have a job offer for a minimum of 2 years from an Australian employer who wants to sponsor you.


  • Allows you to stay in Australia permanently.


  • High cost ($3,670)
  • Large list of very specific skills
  • Long processing times
  • You will need to contact a migration agent to discuss your eligibility for this visa which can also be costly.

6. Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

The Regional Skilled visa offers a permanent residency pathway for eligible workers. You will need to have a job offer from an employer based in Regional Australia for a minimum of 2-year duration, and your occupation needs to be at a certain skill level on the Australian classification of occupations.

For more information about this program please read here:

Go Study can enrol you in courses that may qualify you to meet regional migration eligibility but we also recommend you seek the services of a migration agent as there are numerous factors to consider with this visa.


  • Allows you to stay in Australia permanently.


  • High cost ($3,670)
  • You need to meet a list of very specific skills.
  • Long processing times (up to 15 months).
  • Need to be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in regional Australia.

7. Partner visa

If you want to stay in Australian and your partner is a resident, you might be eligible to apply for your Partner visa. But is not that easy! You will need to evidence of your relationship for at least the past year. Married couples still have to show that they are in a genuine relationship so you will need to produce lots of evidence to prove your relationship is genuine.


  • May be permanent depending on the subclass.


  • High cost ($7,000)
  • 18 months processing time.

Go Study receives over 40,000 enquiries for help each year and we have seen all sorts of requests for help to extend visas. We believe the Student Visa is the best way to extend your stay and enjoy your experience in Australia but of course it always depends on your circumstance.

We don’t recommend you just choose any course – we will help you choose the course that will give you the best chance of meeting your goals.  If you are looking at long term migration options, start planning by choosing the right education pathway to give you the best chances of success.  

If you want to stay longer and gain new skills and head home after a few months/years, we can help with that too.   Whether it be fitness courses in Sydney, business courses in Brisbane, or a university degree in Melbourne – Go Study can connect you to over 200 quality and trusted education partners, and do all the hard work for you. We will even help submit your student visa and get all your documents together for free!

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Note: Migration is a complex issue and the rules change regularly. Go Study is not a registered migration agent and this article is not to be taken as migration advice. We provide free administrative assistance to enrolment in colleges, submitting your student visa, and finding success with your work/life/social goals in Australia.  If you are looking for long term migration options please speak to a registered migration agent.