Depending on your passport nationality it can be very difficult to obtain a visa to work in Australia.

Australia migration rules are based on Assessment Level (degree of safety) assigned to every immigrant nationality that goes from 1 to 4. An higher Assessment Level means lot of difficulties to get a visa.
Nationality is therefore very important and basically changes visa conditions

For example, Italy (and Italian citizens) matches Assessment Level 1 (best): an Italian citizen can easily enter Australia. Same rules for England, Spain, France, Switzerland, etc..

Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, etc. have an Assessment Level 2;
Romania, Russia, Macedonia, etc. have an Assessment Level 3,
India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, etc. have an Assessment Level 4.

If your Assessment Level is not =1, immigration procedure is based exclusively on Student Visa: if you want to go to Australia and work, then you need to study.

Student visa it is associated to a language or professional course, which must be paid in advance (as usual).
Student Visa duration = course duration + 28 extra days. You can work part time during the 12 week course (minimum course lenght) and full time in extra 4 weeks. Longer courses provide more breaks. Maximum duration of a Student visa is 54 weeks.

Visa Application must be sent in paper copy to the Australian Embassy in Berlin, where all requests are strictly evaluated and analyzed. You’ll be asked to provide documents such as:

  • Results of a Official Medical Doctor visit. Medical Doctor are Australian embassy affiliates in your country. You’ll have to pay for the visit.
  • Economic guarantees: at least 18,000 AUD (better if you have more) on your bank account for each year of planned stay in Australia: this is not a cost, but a guarantee. You should provide a copy of your Account Statements to prove that money is on your account at least from 3 months.
  • Latest Payroll or other documents which demonstrate that the you are not moving for work reasons.