Can I Drive in Australia with a foreign driving license?Drive in Australia

Australia Drive licenses rules are regulated by individual states: beyond some differences, every state requires a certified translation of your national driving document.
Most common is International driving license, it can be required to your local Transport offices. Costs vary depending on your nationality.

If you’re going to stay Down Under for long periods you can either request a license at the Australian Transport Authority local offices, presenting your international driver’s license and proofs that you’re actually living in Australia (eg utility bill, a bank account). Photos will be taken at the moment and total cost will be 45 AUD for a year (or 70 AUD for two).
To rent a car in Australia you must be are 21 years old, and be in possession of a driving license from at least 12 months.

Drive on the Left!
Watch out for speed limits, but even more to your drive side: in Australia traffic drives on the left, overtaking on the right. A little more safety won’t hurt.

Belts and / or helmet
Safety helmets for motorcyclists are mandatory.
Seat belts or child seats in cars are required for every passenger.

Car Insurance
A minimum RC insurance is required. Generally insurance is stipulated by the car provider.

Alcohol test
The limit is 0.05% for expert drivers, 0.00% for beginners.
In any state you can be stopped for a breath test. In case of accident test is always required. If the driver fails the test will be taken to the nearest police station and the vehicle will be left parked.