Go Study Australia

Finally, after months of waiting we are excited to announce that Australia will open to students, working holiday visa holders and other temporary migrants from Dec 1.

If you are looking to study in Australia , contact Go Study Australia now and begin your free consultation.  We have expert staff ready to give you free support and advice on the besty courses available.

If you are double vaccinated, you can enter Australia with no quarantine requirement from Dec 1 onwards.  You will need to have a valid visa, proof of vaccination and have a negative pcr test for covid before you get on the plane.

It’s time to live your dream, it’s time to book your studies in Australia now!


Go Study is here to help – for FREE

  • We are  the only agency with 6 offices in Australia to welcome and support you on arrival in Australia.  
  • We have 10 offices outside Australia to help you select your course and depart for your trip
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  • You will not be alone on your journey, our Go Study community is from over 30 different countries – like France, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Chile, Mexico, USA and More!
  • We have welcome events, parties, job help seminars and so much more to make your experience amazing.

For more information on the border openings, visit the Australian department of home affairs: https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/vaccinated-travellers