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Cambridge Exam Australia Cambridge Exam: How much do you know?When you learn another language it’s very important to keep the interest. The longer you study, the more chance that you will become less interested. The main reason is that the amount of language you acquire slows down as you progress. Up until about an intermediate level of English you will progress quite quickly; after that you are likely to slow down. This is true of any language, but it’s important to persist so that you can get your English to a really good level. The higher your English level, the greater your work opportunities.One of the best ways to keep the interest is to take Cambridge exam preparation course. Unlike some other English language exams the suite Cambridge exams are extremely popular among students and teachers alike. They offer students an opportunity to learn how to use real English in a dynamic and fun way. Some other exam preparation courses are considered a little dry or a little too academic.The most popular is the Cambridge First Certificate. These courses are great if you have got your English to an upper intermediate level and really want to take it to the next level. These courses are run by the better English schools in Australia. In fact, a good measure of a quality school is how many Cambridge classes they run. Students study for 10 or 12 weeks in a closed group and it is that intensiveness that is so important.Increasingly the Cambridge certificates are recognized by employers in Europe and around the world as well as by universities in Australia as a measure of a student’s readiness for academic study.Other Cambridge courses include PET (Preliminary) CAE (Advanced) and the BEC (Business English). Talk to us today to learn more about these programs!