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What about working as a Chef in Australia?

It is about time for a change of scenery, an escape to the land of opportunity down under! Is this move also the occasion for a career change?

If you love everything food-related and get excited at the thought of whipping up your own fancy culinary creations, then maybe studying to be a chef in Australia is a step in the right direction. Refrain from being concerned by the foreign concept of Australian food, there is no need to be. Australia has built its food culture on the influence of various migrant populations. This multiculturalism opened the doors for restaurants specializing in various international cuisines and resulted in a nation that enjoys discovering new tastes. There are around 75,000 chefs currently employed in Australia, working in many different settings including restaurants, cafés, hotels, function centres and more.

Working as a chef can be a very rewarding occupation, however, one must be prepared to work long hours, and weekends and have the ability to multitask and work under pressure. Starting out, one of the best ways to learn to be a chef is to take on an apprenticeship. This means studying at the same time as working.

There are a variety of courses that can be done at your local TAFE and many private colleges are also offering certifications and diplomas in view of better training our hospitality professionals of the future. Hospitality is a fast-growing and energetic industry, and being trained as a chef presents a great opportunity for travellers in gaining employment. Qualified chefs from Europe are currently in high demand and thus have an increased chance of finding an employer wishing to sponsor their visa. Chefs with the desired skill base are hard to come across, and offering sponsorship to experienced European chefs, ensures that stability will be provided for the business.

Many Go Study students present work in Australia as chefs, and a great number of them find sponsorships as a result. A positive to chef work is that it can be found almost anywhere in the country. Wherever there are people, good food is required to keep them happy!  For example, in some tourist destinations such as Cairns, a trained chef is a very sought after skill set.

The city is built almost purely on tourism, and finding jobs outside hospitality can prove difficult. Another plus is that Australia enjoys the highest minimum wage in the world, and thus our hospitality staff (even untrained) are paid relatively well. As a trained or entry-level chef, there is an unlimited opportunity to learn and make a good living at the same time.