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It is no wonder that Melbourne has been voted the world's most liveable city for the seventh year running. It’s a city full of life, with amazing qualities and a never-ending list of things to do. People love the Melbournian lifestyle and it’s culture but there is yet another thing to see in this city: Melbourne is in the worldwide TOP 10 for the quantity (and quality) of street art. If you plan to visit Melbourne, you will be impressed by all the graffitis that cover alleys and streets...lovers of all kinds of street art will find their paradise in Melbourne!


Street art started in the 60's, mainly to deliver political messages. It's from 80's that street art started to be modernised. Nowadays, graffiti is not much of a political movement but is a real way of artistic expression. For past 10 years, it has been becoming more and more popular.

Where can you find the best graffiti in Melbourne?

Central Business District (CBD)

The CBD gathers everything: malls, restaurants, cafes, bars... There are a lot of museums and art galleries. You could have a look inside one of the churches between high buildings... It's in this part of Melbourne that most theatres and concert venues are. Incidentally, for people interested in literature, Melbourne’s center is where there are most bookshops in Australia!The CBD is THE unmissable district for street art addicts. The best places are:
  • Hosier Lane: The most famous place for street art in Melbourne
  • ACDC Lane: This street was named in tribute to the Australian rock band. It is between Russell and Exhibition street and you could admire some cool Graffitis.
  • Rutledge Lane: It is a lane pretty close to ACDC Lane where the artists come to assert themselves. Exhibited works often change.
  • Caledonian Lane: This one is located between Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke Street, just steps away from Chinatown.
  • Union Lane: One of the most hidden laneways, if you go for a walk in this lane close to Bourke Street Mall, you could take nice pictures!
  • Victoria Market: Going for a walk in these streets, all around the market where there are different kinds of food, clothes, jewels and artisan creations, you could find several hidden (and not so hidden) murals. Works often change, so you can never get bored!


This suburb is located in the north-east of the CBD. It is a very active place with an uncommon atmosphere. It is a point of reference for hipsters! You could find numerous restaurants and cafes, vintage shops, vinyl shops, etc.
  • Brunswick street: People go here for a shopping trip, to grab a drink, go clubbing and it is also where you could find some amazing street art.
  • Fitzroy's Rose Car: You cannot miss this place: Lots of impressive graffiti in this car park!


Artists to follow on Instagram

If you want some inside scoops on where to go in Melbourne to enjoy it’s hidden art, you can follow on Instagram these 7 Street artists in Melbourne:

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Reko Rennie

The best way to discover street art in Melbourne is to walk around the city or bicycle your way through the lanes to make sure you don't miss anything. Usually, the most beautiful graffitis are where you don't expect them to be so open your eyes!

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