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Food in AustraliaFood is one of the biggest cultural shocks wherever you travel. And Australia is no different: you will open your eyes (and mouth) to many new things.Australia’s extraordinary (but short) history means that Australian cuisine is a fantastic melting pot of flavours. Given that the English and Irish influence is big, some would question whether this means that the food is as good (bad?) as it is in England! In fact the influence of so many immigrants means that the national cuisine is very eclectic. Italian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese…so many influences.In every major Australian city you can find every type of cuisine imaginable. Many students enjoy Japanese sushi, Korean BBQ, Lebanese mezze or Indian curry. There is no shortage of excellent food to taste and, what’s more, it does not have to be expensive. In fact you can find many lunch places where you can eat a full meal for $10.

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Supermarkets stock most of the ingredients that you can want. And if you are looking for something specific, then you can probably find a specialty shop selling Spanish, Italian, French and other foods.For the more adventurous you can always try a kangaroo steak or even…the famous Vegemite spread. It’s an acquired taste: if you were not brought up eating it you’ll probably hate it!

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