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For the last few months, Australia has suffered from a series of bushfires across the country. These fires have caused damage to many communities and habitats for animals. It’s important for you to know, however, that these fires are in regional areas and not in Capital Cities and major tourism areas.   It is 100% safe to live, study and travel in Australia.  And we have some good news-  At the time of publishing this article, it’s currently raining heavily in NSW and Victoria which will very much help bring the fires under control.

Have a watch of this video to get a real sense of what is happening in Australia right now.  You will see that our beautiful country is still a safe and attractive place to visit, and most of the popular places to visit or live are unaffected by the fires. With the rains over the next 5 days, the situation should improve even more!

You can also check out this map, updated daily to see which areas are affected by fires: https://tourism-australia-bushfire-map.alantgeo.com.au/index.html
Bush fire season in Australia normally ends around January 31, as the weather starts changing and preparing for the Autumn season.  The Government has increased the number of firefighters and resources to manage the fires, which tend to be in inland regional areas where it is hot and dry.

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