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Some sad news for party people in Sydney.  The Iconic venue/club/bar/swimming pool known as “The Ivy” will be closing its doors after providing 14 years of parties and nightclub events.

The Ivy was one of the go-to places for backpackers, international students due to their famous drink specials and party nights.  It was also a great place to mix with locals who flocked to the 4 level bar every night.

Sydney’s legendary nightclub will soon be closing, giving way to a luxury hotel that will be 55 storeys high – the tallest legal limit in Sydney.

Mr. Justin Hemmes, the owner of the site, said that when he brought $ 22 million the site in 2004, it was already his dream to turn the property into a large hotel. “I always wanted it to be a development site,” Hemmes said. “It’s just a fantastic site, there’s so much potential, so many options at our disposal; but it’s something that I want to do properly, so we’ll take the time to complete this project. ”

The property is estimated today at $65 million, which could quadruple with the construction of the hotel.

No date has been communicated yet for the closure of the nightclub.  So hurry up and get down to the Ivy for a party before it closes.

Source article: Le Courrier Australien

Sources pictures: Celsius Media, Oz Party Events, Work + Travel Company

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