Go Study Australia

It’s just a matter of positive attitude!

Each year many people come to Australia for many reasons (studying, working and travelling) and everyone faces the challenge of finding a job. Many overseas students, backpackers, and professionals confirm that there is a key aspect that brings together all the positive work experiences in Australia.

In this article, we talk about how personal motivations and attitudes make a difference in a successful job search.

Jobs more common among the newly arrived in Australia are those in the hospitality industry, and they include waiter/waitress, bartender/barmaid, dishwasher, kitchen hand and cook/chef.

In particular, those people who have professional experience in Italy as cooks, chefs, and pizza makers are always demanded in restaurants, cafes and bars in Australia as long as the English level is sufficient to understand orders and communicate with other staff members. 

Other jobs in which many people often find employment are those in the construction, direct marketing and retail industry. Furthermore, there are people employed in various practical jobs such as domestic or commercial cleaning, car-washing and leafleting.

Whatever job is sought, attitude is always essential for a successful job search. When we talk about attitude, we refer to a positive approach and a ‘can-do’ attitude, which employers love in their employees. Considering the high level of competition between jobseekers in every city, in most cases, the first impression is what really makes the difference in getting a job or not. So, it is essential, when handing out a resume to be energetic, have a nice smile and be positive when entering restaurants, shops, or businesses.

Employers are often more interested in finding easy going and smiling people, rather than skilled people who are not able to get along with other staff members and are not able to work in a team. For this reason, never communicate the frustration in not being able to find a job, never show to be stressed and show belief in yourself. Each curriculum handed out is a chance to be taken for getting a job!

In a conclusion, in any positions should you be looking for, remember not only to write a good resume but also don’t forget to connect with potential employers since the first meeting provides a great first impression.