Go Study Australia

Be part of a growing family of 10,000 volunteers!

In the past few months, bushfires have been causing severe environmental damage across Australia. Even though we haven’t yet really recovered from our own heartbreak as a result of all the sad happenings (no more pictures of hurt Koalas pls.), it’s time to be brave, take action and help out.

Go Study Australia is proud to support Conservation Volunteers Australia  – a national non-profit who gathers an army of volunteers to make the first steps of a long road ahead to restore our natural environment. The organisation will set up several recovery work projects such as tree planting, feral animal control, and nesting box installation. You can help too!

Go Study Legends in Australia have the opportunity to assist much needed projects to help our wildlife and forests. You can join any of the opportunities below. Local Go Study offices will also be contacting our communities to form Go Study groups to support these activities.

So grab some mates and sign up to help beautiful Australia! 

This list will be updated as new opportunities are published – if a project is booked out, check back every few weeks.


Here is a list of the next recovery opportunities in February and March:

  • NSW
  • QLD
  • Brisbane29 Feb – 1 Mar: Track repairs at main ridge park – book your spot 
  • Townsville: 22 Feb: Wildlife rescue craft workshop – book your spot  
  • Townsville: 7 Mar: Wildlife rescue craft workshop – book your spot 
  • Townsville: 21 Mar: Wildlife rescue craft workshop – book your spot  
  • TAS
  • VIC


If you decide to participate and book your spot, don’t forget to share your experience and send us a picture of your day as a volunteer: sydney@gostudy.com.au