Go Study Australia

Go Study is thrilled and proud to announce our new, exciting partnership with Macquarie University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Australia.

Learn more about Macquarie University, located only 15 km from Sydney CBD!


In only 50 years, Macquarie already ranks amongst the top 2% Universities in the world. It is now established as a figurehead for accounting and finance, communication, cultural and media, earth and marine sciences, education, English language and literature, geography, law, linguistics, and psychology.


Macquarie is a progressive and influential institution that brings the best of its students for over 50 years. The campus was built as a place of inspiration and $1 billion have recently been invested in infrastructure to give the best tools to its students. With 126 hectares, this is the largest high-tech precinct. Macquarie campus is a city within the city with shops, cafes, banks, bars, pharmacies, medical clinics, private hospitals (Australia’s first and only private, not-for-profit hospital on a university campus), counselling services, financial aids, childcare, sports facilities and more! Macquarie focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Its students and staff come from more than 100 countries, studying and working together.


Macquarie treats its students as professionals and gives them the opportunity to develop their professional skills through internships and work placements during all their studies. Each department works directly in collaboration with the industry and professional institutions to ensure a fast integration in the work world.


Macquarie offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Double Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree, Double Masters, Graduate Certificates, Diplomas, and more in:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering and IT
  • Environment
  • Health and medical sciences
  • Law, security and intelligence
  • Media, creative arts and communication
  • Science
  • Society, history and languages

Macquarie University will give you the chance to discover all your potential and to carve out an amazing career for yourself.

Don’t wait and learn more about Macquarie University!