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Medical Insurance Australia

 Medical insurance is one of Australia travellers main concern. Medical assistance varies depending on your visa:
  • Tourist Visa - Health care is included in tourist visa (up to 3 months).
  • Working Holiday Visa - Health care is guaranteed for first 6 months.  After that you’ll have to pay to renew your insurance. During your first 6 months of stay in Australia you can obtain your medical card presenting your passport and visa in Medicare offices.
  • Student Visa - Student Visa holders are required to apply for a OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the whole duration of their Australian stay. If you renew your visa you should renew your insurance too. OSHC is not so expensive:  his monthly cost can be covered with very few hours of work. If you are traveling with your family, insurance is cumulative.
Standard health insurance provides free medical care at public hospitals, government subsidized medicines and reimbursement (limited) for private medical assistance. It does not cover dental costs, eye care items such as glasses, contact lenses, etc., and any special care (eg physiotherapy). These last services can be covered by an extra insurance.In some cases (such as visiting a doctor) you must anticipate service cost and then claim it back from the insurance company. Be careful: refunds are calculated on standard rates. This means that if you pay more than expected for a service, you will only get Australian Government standard refund for that care. Australian insurance do not cover extra territories: if you travel abroad, in New Zealand for example, you’ll need another health insurance.Go Study Australian free services include medical care application assistance: our staff will help you dealing with the bureaucracy and help you get your medical insurance with no risks or delays. GoStudy refers to Medibank company for OSHC. For full details visit this page. For Medicare specifications visit instead MedicareAustralia