Go Study Australia

Go Study never stops growing!

Our Melbourne team is doing such an amazing job supporting students in Victoria, that we had to move to a brand-new office at 50 Queen St in the heart of the CBD.

To celebrate the outstanding art that is found throughout the streets of Melbourne, we decided to create our own Go Study Graffiti artwork using our talented Go Study student Ana Maturana.

Over a period of 3 days and nights, Ana worked on a breathtaking artwork that celebrates Australia, our unique wildlife, the awesome highlights of Melbourne, and of course, she topped it off with the colorful burst of Go Study in the middle.

Come to visit our Melbourne Team in our brand-new office and admire the wonderful wall painting created by Ana Maturana. It’s a great background for a selfie!


Our new office is still in the CDB of Melbourne in order to guarantee easy access.

  • Telephone: +61 (03) 70 183 000
  • Address: 50 Queen Street, Level 4, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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