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Aereoporti in Australia

Airports in Australia

Australia is a big country. So the advent of air travel was extremely important in the development of the country and in the way people interacted. Let’s put it into some perspective: before air travel it would have taken days to travel between the capital cities of Australia. Now Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne is…

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The History of Australia Day

Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia. On 26th January, Australians celebrate being Australian. Discover the origins and how Aussie celebrate across the country! Historical Origins of Australia Day Australia Day marks the date of the arrival of the first British fleet in Australia in 1788. The fleet arrived at Port Jackson –…

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Vino in Australia

Wine in Australia

What does Europe know about making good wine? Australians are now teaching Europeans how to make wine. For centuries the world has considered Europe to be the centre of the wine-making world. Where the best and, for some, the only good wine is produced. France is the most famous of all the wine producing countries…

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Lavorare all'estero in Australia

Work Abroad

Have you ever considered the opportunity of working abroad? Working in your home country or your home city is not always the best option. Sure, it’s great to be near home and there is nothing quite like Mum’s home cooking, but moving to another country for work can be a great experience and one that…

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football australiano

Australian Football

Football surely is one of the most popular sport in Australia. But where does it come from?   Australia is like England…but different. In many ways Australia is like the old country, the “mother land”. But everything is just a bit different. The politics, the education, the way of life. It’s not totally different to…

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Birra in Australia

The Australian Beer

Australians love beer. When they are not drinking tea they can be found sheltering at a watering hole sipping the amber nectar with mates. In translation that means: they are in the pub drinking a beer with friends. The climate and the Australian culture is more suited to a cold beer than wine or other…

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