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Breaking News – Updates to the Skilled Migration Jobs List

The Department of Home Affairs has recently announced a new list of occupations for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa, which will be effective as of the 18th March 2018. This means that many international students will now be able to apply for a permanent residency visa if they work in particular roles in regional areas! A regional area is generally somewhere outside of major Australian cities, but there are a few cities such as Hobart and Tasmania that are considered regional.

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Birra in Australia

The Australian Beer

Australians love beer. When they are not drinking tea they can be found sheltering at a watering hole sipping the amber nectar with mates. In translation that means: they are in the pub drinking a beer with friends. The climate and the Australian culture is more suited to a cold beer than wine or other…

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Bandiera australiana

The Australian Flag

The iconic symbols of Australia include the Sydney Opera House, the boomerang, the kangaroo and the emu. But what about the Australian national flag? Like any other flag the Australian flag is full of symbolism and stirs pride in Australians, young and old alike. The origins of the flag are plain to see: Australia was…

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Lavori più richiesti in Australia

Skills Shortage in Australia

An overlook on most requested skills Down Under. Australia is the only major economy in the industrialized world to have escaped the global financial crisis. Australia has had no recession while much of Europe, North America and other parts of the world have suffered the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s. The Australian economy is…

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Il cibo in Australia

Food in Australia

Food is one of the biggest cultural shocks wherever you travel. And Australia is no different: you will open your eyes (and mouth) to many new things. Australia’s extraordinary (but short) history means that Australian cuisine is a fantastic melting pot of flavours. Given that the English and Irish influence is big, some would question whether…

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