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Christmas Down Under

Lots of food, coats, cold weather and even snow are part of what most of us understand as Christmas, exactly the opposite to what an Australian Christmas looks like. Due to its geographical location in the southern hemisphere, at this time of the year heat starts to come to Australia and therefore the cities become…

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Cercare lavoro in Australia: be positive!

Job search in Australia: it’s just a matter of positive attitude

Each year many people come to Australia for many reasons (studying, working and travelling) and everyone face the challenge of finding a job. Many overseas students, backpackers and professionals confirm that there is a key aspect that brings together all the positive work experience in Australia. In this article we talk about how personal motivations…

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Cost of living in Australia

Let’s talk about money. How much do things cost in Australia? How much will you get paid when you work in Australia? How much money should you take with you? Ok, so much depends on where in Australia and on your own circumstances, but to give you a guide the following is intended to help…

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Inverno in Asutralia

Winter does exist in Australia

Due to its location in the southern hemisphere Australia experiences winter between the months of June and August. The mere fact that Australia is an incredibly large country means that the winter experience like every other Australian experience can vary dramatically according to location. Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart are all found…

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