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10 Tips for international students

Being an international student could, for most people, be a great step for a new life (changing) experience. That’s why we want to make it easier and simpler for you by giving you our best advice and recommendations. 1. PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH We are pretty sure that one of the main reasons for your journey to Australia…

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Oportunitades Espanoles en Sydney

Renato’s experience

We herewith publish Renato’s email, a student of our community, in which he tells us about the first part of his Australian experience! “Thank you! This is the first thing I feel I must say. The school is definitely worthy and the English Business Course has thoroughly satisfied my expectations. The teachers are excellent and…

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Christmas Down Under

Lots of food, coats, cold weather and even snow are part of what most of us understand as Christmas, exactly the opposite to what an Australian Christmas looks like. Due to its geographical location in the southern hemisphere, at this time of the year heat starts to come to Australia and therefore the cities become…

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Cercare lavoro in Australia: be positive!

Job search in Australia: it’s just a matter of positive attitude

Each year many people come to Australia for many reasons (studying, working and travelling) and everyone face the challenge of finding a job. Many overseas students, backpackers and professionals confirm that there is a key aspect that brings together all the positive work experience in Australia. In this article we talk about how personal motivations…

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