Go Study Australia

There are many cities in Australia where you may take an immersion English course, but only a few offer the quality of life that Brisbane does.

As the third city in Australia, Brisbane is the thriving capital of the state of Queensland. It’s a city of 1.7 million people but somehow manages to feel intimate and friendly – more like a town than a big city.

When taking an English course, it’s very important to consider the environment. You should feel relaxed, welcome and inspired to learn. And Brisbane is amazingly friendly, laid back and accepting of outsiders. The city loves the visitors and makes everyone feel like a local very quickly. Students studying English in Brisbane often feel like they are at home in a matter of weeks. People in Brisbane have time. They make time to talk to foreigners. They are interested in hearing about different parts of the world. And they are happy to share their city with new arrivals. And to see everyone as equal. Being such a multicultural city makes it a wonderful place to learn English and to make friends.

There are many English schools in Brisbane, all offering foreign students the chance to learn the language in a great climate. Students can choose to study in a small, independent school or one of the larger, brand name schools. They can do either a standard General English course or one of a range of exam preparation courses – like Cambridge First Certificate, IELTS or Business English. Others will need academic preparation to then go on to study at one of the Queensland universities, and will likely opt for the English for Academic Purposes courses run in many of the ELICOS (English language) schools.

With more than 300 sunny days, warm and welcoming locals and a vibrant social scene, what better place to learn English than sunny Brisbane?