Go Study Australia

There are few cities in the world that make as good a place to take an English course as Sydney.

Being a student should be an inspiring and invigorating thing to do. And what better place than this great harbour city with stunning beaches, great climate and people from all parts of the world?

Sydney is home to many English schools because there is such demand from all nationalities to study English here. Schools vary enormously in terms of quality and offers, from the cheap and basic experience to the best schools you can find anywhere in the world.

When choosing to study English in Sydney, you should consider really what you are looking for. For example, are you simply looking to acquire as much English as possible? Or are you interested in being in a class with a great mix of nationalities? Do you want to enjoy social and sporting activities, or are you just looking for an academic experience? Do you want to be near the beach or in the centre of the city? Do you want to take a General English course or a specialization like Business English or Academic English? Or perhaps you want to do a Cambridge exam like the First Certificate?

If you plan to work while you study, you may also want to consider the implications of the study timetable. For example, if you want to work during the day, then you will want to study English in the evening. Many works in restaurants and bars, while they study so the morning timetable, fits best in that case. For most students who do an English course in Sydney, the experience is at the beginning of their time in Australia. And for that reason, it’s a great time to be making many new friends. It’s not uncommon to make life-long friendships and even to find the love of your life while learning English. Everyone is in the same boat: in a new and exciting city and far away from home. It can create a great camaraderie, and that is all part of the experience.

However long you study, you are bound to remember the experience for the rest of your life. And contact us to start your Australian adventure!!