Go Study Australia

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most attractive cities for study, with its three major universities.

Well known for its long days of sunshine that occupy the large majority of the year, and for its proximity to superb beaches, it’s an already desirable choice. It’s one of the country’s greenest cities, with a massive array of parks, as well as excellent public transport services and support for cyclists.

Furthermore, Brisbane has many advantages over Sydney and Melbourne, such as being less congested and more affordable. For a potential student, the city has so much to offer and more.


The city has two, central and major galleries, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. However, it also hosts an abundance of smaller and alternative art spaces, including artist-led sites such as BOXCOPY and the aboriginal art gallery Red Sand Art.

There are also venues such as Brisbane Powerhouse Arts, which continues to have a calendar full of great live audiovisual events. And, if you would like to get involved yourself, Queensland Performing Arts Centre hosts a free Friday evening live music session called Green Jam for musicians and the Sit Down Comedy Club has you covered for open mic comedy nights!

If you’re looking to take on some extracurricular education, many places around the city also offer classes, such as dance, writing, and language learning courses.


Brisbane is abundant with fantastic food and drink venues. If you’re looking for a lovely space to study or read accompanied by a delicious coffee, there are a plethora of choices, including Allpress Espresso, Day Made Supreme, and Black Sheep Coffee, which are all located centrally and by one of the most popular student accommodations, Scape Brisbane.

Brisbane also has a well-established food scene, satisfying all international tastes, with places like Wow Dumpling, Namaste, and Vira Lata.

However, you’ll have to make sure to try the proudly Australian dishes such as chicken parmigiana, meat pie, and fish and chips. Throughout the year you’ll also see the city taken over by different food festivals such as the BBQ, chilli, and ice cream festivals. In the city, you’ll never be far from a great food experience.


Brisbane is known for staying active, and there are plenty of sports centers in the city alone. Brisbane has numerous clubs and leagues to play soccer, cricket, and rugby, and with a large amount of parkland area throughout the city, there’s always space to play with friends. If you’re interested in watching the professionals, then you can visit the Brisbane Stadium (the Suncorp)  and, right in the heart of the Woolloongabba suburb, is the world-famous cricket ground, The Gabba.

Also, one benefit of the Brisbane River running through the centre, aside from glorious views of the skyline, are the options for water activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding, many of which also offer a student discount.

There’s so much to support an exciting life in Brisbane that it makes the city an ideal selection for the study! More so than simply the fantastic weather, the city is a hub of culture, that continues to set the standard for urban living in Australia.