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Beer in AustraliaAustralians love beer. When they are not drinking tea they can be found sheltering at a watering hole sipping the amber nectar with mates. In translation that means: they are in the pub drinking a beer with friends.The climate and the Australian culture is more suited to a cold beer than wine or other drinks. It’s true, of course, that Australia is today one of the great wine producing and exporting countries of the world, but if you go to any pub in any part of Australia you’ll find most people drinking a cold, refreshing beer.There are some very strong Australian beer brands which have been very successful in exporting a bit of Australia around the world. Fosters is perhaps the most well-known of the lot. Followed by the curiously-named XXXX.

Depending on where you go in Australia you will find regional beers – VB is the beer of Victoria (Victoria Bitter). Although Carlton would question that. XXXX is the beer found throughout Queensland. In Tasmania you should ask for a Cascade beer. In New South Wales Tooheys is the big brand.Advertisements for Australian beer are a great way to get an insight into both the Australian culture and the great sense of humor. Here are a few good examples: