Go Study Australia

Have you ever considered the opportunity of working abroad?

Working in your home country or your home city is not always the best option.

Sure, it’s great to be near home and there is nothing quite like mum’s home cooking, but moving to another country for work can be a great experience and one that will open up your horizons beyond all expectations.

No matter where in the world you go to work: being abroad, you will give a lot. You will learn about yourself, about other cultures, and about different ways of working. A job is always a job in the sense that it gives you some money, but by looking abroad you can find opportunities that will enrich your life. It goes without saying that Europe is going through a deep financial crisis. Naturally, many young people look to other parts of the world to find jobs and to make the most of their education and experience. Fortunately, the crisis has not affected all parts of the world, and so there are economies that remain strong and continue to grow. Those economies make a good option for young Europeans to find work.

Australia is growing in popularity for young Europeans looking for work because the economy is strong and work is plentiful. What’s more, they can learn English at the same time, giving them a great competitive advantage when they return home able to put on their CV that they are “fluent” in English.


Cultural differences in the workplace can be quite challenging to start with. Australia is famous for its informality, and that extends even into work. Likewise, many Europeans find it refreshing that attitude and ability more than contacts and qualifications are what employers want in Australia. This means that young people can progress more quickly with their career progression.

With strong economies and very high minimum wages, economies like Australia’s can be a great place for young people to start their careers and get the all-important first experiences. This can be very helpful when they return home, making them much more employable.

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