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Working Holiday Visa 2014

Working Holiday Visa 2014 – NEWS The Australian WHV is subject to a price increase: currently AUD$420 - approximately €280-330 depending on the current exchange rate. Despite the mark-up, it is still the most convenient of all Australian Visas as it is the only one that allows under 31 year olds to legally work full-time in Australia. A valuable work experience without a doubt but a true world and self discovery journey in itself: anyone who experiences Australia will be enriched! What is the ultimate trend? Statistics concerning WHV prove an extraordinary growth up to 66% in the last year compared to the previous year. From 9,730 Visa applications processed in 2012 to 16,218 in 2013. Compared to WHV’s issued in other European countries, numbers are estimated to increase: UK: 47,000 Taiwan: 37,000 Korea: 36,000 Germany: 26,000 France: 25,000 Ireland: 20,000. What does this Visa entitle?
  • Enter Australia no later than 12 months from the date the Visa was granted
  • Stay in Australia for 12 months from the date that of first entry in Australia
  • Multiple travel to and from Australia for unlimited times during the 12-months stay
  • Permission to work for unlimited hours up to 6 months for each employer
  • Study for 4 months