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Many students arrive in Brisbane to match a work experience while studying English

One of the reasons? The work market in Brisbane is very lively, and you won’t miss the opportunity to find a job.

Brisbane is the capital of the Sunshine State, Queensland. Queensland in general is known for being quite laid back, and Brisbane has inherited this quality. This said, Brisbane is emerging from its stereotype as a sleepy city to the place to be in Australia, with numbers over 1,000 relocating there weekly.

Brisbane offers its inhabitants the perfect lifestyle with its growth into a modern and world-class city while at the same time maintaining that easy-going, relaxed vibe that it is loved for. With the growth of the city come job opportunities, and it is the perfect place to go for those equipped with working holidays or student visas. Another fact important for students is that Brisbane is one of the less expensive capital cities of Australia compared to living in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, for example.

The Brisbane lifestyle combines the optimism and energy that comes with approximately 300 days of sunshine per year with a large variety of leisure and sports activities, dining and entertainment options available.

Brisbane is full of employment opportunities waiting for you to grasp the completion of your studies. 

Brisbane’s annual economic growth is at over 4% annually, and it is for this reason they are in desperate need of skilled labour to join their workforce. Over the past ten years, Brisbane has enjoyed the fastest growth in employment in comparison to the other Australian capital cities. Jobs are in fact increasing at a rate that is double population growth and the city currently has the highest rate of full-time jobs in the country with full-time jobs taking up most of the positions occupied – 72% of employment.

Work Live Play is a Queensland government initiative that hopes to attract business investors and skilled workers to QLD. The website provides information on skills and professions in demand, as well as links to other job search engines.