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Carolina, Carol, Caro, Carolzinha, amiga, the crazy Brazilian, you named it and I will answer.

Living abroad was always my dream and after a wonderful and wet year in Dublin, I decided to make myself home in a warmer country and Australia welcomed me with open arms, many plates to carry and floors to mop in 2017. Since then I have helped many people to follow their dreams and live their best life enjoying every minute. I am a travel addict, so if you need any travel tips, count on me.

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Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Why would you recommend travelling to Australia?
Get out of your comfort zone, camp under millions of stars, meet incredible animals in the wild, dive with sharks, bbq at the beach, learn how to say “cheers” in many languages, hike in some wonderful national parks and the most important part, get lost to find yourself. You’ll grow 3 years in 3 months.

Why did you choose Sydney? 

The weather and lifestyle. I lived in the” Bondi bubble” for 3 years and I felt in a small city where I could do everything within a walking distance having my fav daily cafe, pub, restaurant, gym, word, school, but also I could easily get away and catch a bus/train to go anywhere I wanted to.

Do you have a tip for the future traveller?

Vegemite is not nutella so please spread only a small amount.