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My name is Erik I am from the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain.

I have passion to create connections and follow my own dreams, never stop since I was very little. Life is short and we just have one! I have been living in London and Finland for some years, after my year at the Arctic Circle I realized there was a whole world out there ready to be discovered. The curiosity for the world pushed myself to new destinations till I found my home, having the fantastic experience of being living in Australia. Melbourne is a paradise if you are a culture and arts lover!


Hey! My name is
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Professional Ballroom and latin dancer. Love travelling, and cultural events. Ballet and Arts lover.
Favourite quote
“Find out who you are, and do it on purpose”

Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Australia gives you the chance to know yourself better by learning from a new culture. Everyday is a new experience, it is not just about the impressive landscapes and nature, the multicultural context helps you to be a better person and professional. Australia is full of opportunities for you!

Why did you choose Melbourne?

The passion for art and culture pushed me to choose Melbourne as my city. Melbourne is an alternative destination full of life. Melbourne is the Australian Capital of Culture, so you can find a great diversity of events, exhibitions or music festivals. For me it is just a very dynamic place, having the little suburbs and the very gorgeous metropolitan area. I enjoy going to the traditional markets during the morning and to the city rooftops during the evenings !

Do you have a tip for the future traveller?

Discover the world out there! Life is short, and we need to pursue all our dreams and passions. If you want to have new experiences and follow your heart, Australia is probably the answer. To travel is the best way to know yourself!