Go Study Australia

Sincere, smart, friendly, curious, ambitious... those are the things my psychologist said don't describe me.

I came to Australia for a selfie with a kangaroo, but I am still saving money to buy a phone with a good camera. Been travelling for the last 4 years and still missing Chilean avocados and marraquetas.


Hey! My name is
In GO STUDY since
Binge watch Netflix to avoid people, play the Ukulele.
Favourite quote
“Live your life such that in the hour of your death you feel joy instead of fear.”

Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Australia is simply fantastic. You can see a variety of places with different landscapes, climate and wildlife. People are easy going, open and they like to help. You will make friendships that will last forever.

Why did you choose Sydney?

There is so much to do in Sydney and the beaches are amazing. You can have the perfect life and work balance, I even got a tattoo because of this so you better know I am not lying

Do you have a tip for the future traveller?

Make friends from different countries and learn about their culture. Get out of your comfort zone! If you are looking to improve English just go for it, make mistakes and don’t be afraid to failure.