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I'm Sergio Ballesteros, a 25 years old energetic Spanish from Madrid!

My experience in Australia couldn’t be better, after coming to Sydney in August as a student doing a Marketing course I started working at GSA since January and I am currently the team leader of the Spanish team.

Hey! My name is
With GO STUDY since
Fitness and travelling around Australia!
Favourite quote
”Lights will guide you home”

Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Seriously? Do I have to tell you why? In fact, I can not give a real answer to this question. Australia is far beyond every expectation…if you are brave enough to step up you will discover why!

Why did you choose Sydney?

My favourite city is Sydney. Its atmosphere and the tremendous contrast between the beach area and the business area. It is also undoubtedly the city with the most beautiful bay in the world.

Do you have a tip for the future traveller?

Do not think about it, the greatest experience of your life is waiting for you.