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My name is Stefano and I left my lovely Italian city, Pescara, in June 2014.

Since I have completed my Bachelor’s degree with a thesis on Australian Environmental law, one of my dreams was to visit this wonderful country, and after 10 years I have bought a ticket, applied for my student visa and travelled down under for 16.000 Km. I really loved my first six months in Brisbane attending an English course; I met amazing people from everywhere in the world, discovering Australia and creating my new community. I am really passionate about sports and I am the president of an Italian association that organises sports and cultural activities.

Super Power: Finding good parties!

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Why would you recommend to travel to Australia?

Australia is a huge country with amazing places to visit. People are friendly: they always help a guy with the city map to find the desired location. The nationality mix is also incredible with a perfect combination of western and eastern cultures. There are many job opportunities and the salary is really high comparing many European countries.

Why did you choose Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland (the Sunshine State with more of 300 days of sun per year). The weather really attracted me, but I don’t decide to live here only for this reason. Brisbane is the third city in Australia in term of the population but lifestyle is really relaxed. The city is having an incredible economic development with many job opportunities but living costs are lower than other Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney. The environment is great: in few hours you can achieve terrific places like Byron Bay, Noosa and Fraser Island.

Do you have a tip for the future traveller?

Fill your luggage with experiences and imagines.