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Go Study is your Best Friend in Australia
Finding the right path in Australia can be hard. There are so many options, rules and life is just different to back home.
Let us help you, FOR FREE.  Go Study Australia is a free advisory service for working holiday and student visa holders. We provide support and advice for tens of thousands of people each year to help them reach their dreams in Australia.

We specialise in assisting people to live, work and study in Australia. If you want to study and begin your career in Australia – talk to us ASAP. We can set you up with an awesome course to study, the best prices and killer discounts – such as 30% scholarships for some Aussie Universities. Whether its 2 months or 2 years – we give you free support with your enrolment, visa, job search and more!  We are a community of international travellers that have been through it before.


For an immediate response, you can directly call or visit our offices in Australia: