It’s simple… post your best selfie on Instagram!


We are looking for a creative marketer that knows how to create amazing social media content!  Do you have what it takes to showcase your amazing Australian Adventure?

Follow the steps!

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    Post a selfie on Instagram with your face saying “I’m going to Australia”

    It can be a picture or a boomerang or a video. Up to you!

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    Tag @gostudyaustralia and add #GoStudytakesmetoAustralia

    That’s important you do this so we know you are in the contest!

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    Tag 2 friends you would like to go to Australia with

    Travelling is always better with friends!

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    Make it buzz: get a max of likes and comments

    You need to show us you know how to create a successful Instagram post and you have potential as social media marketer! If you need help, check out our 5 tips to create AWESOME Instagram content.

The winner will be selected by a jury on 31st of March.

Hurry up!

TIPS: How to create AWESOME Instagram content

  • Make it about you
    People love stories. Share your own experience and express your personality through your content.

  • Make your audience dream
    If you are in Australia, use it in your content: white beaches, blue water, cute kangaroos, breathtaking landscape, tanned surfers, funny accent and even monstrous bugs! Everyone loves Australia!

  • Make it moving
    Boomerang and video are more popular than a static picture.

  • Make it funny
    If people laugh at your post, they will definitely share it.

  • Make it unique
    Ask yourself: “which is the most original way to tell my story”