Do you want to stay longer in Australia?

Let us guess, did you arrive in Australia with a Working Holiday or a Work & Holiday Visa? Then you had a taste of how AMAZING Australia is and you want to stay longer, right?


Go Study can help you for FREE to extend your stay with a Student Visa!

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1. Choose the right visa

You need to ask yourself whitch visa is accessible for you. If you are not eligible for a working visa, your best option is the Student Visa.

The Student visa has many benefits:

The student visa allows you to work 40 hours every 2 weeks while you study and full-time during your pauses.

Thanks to a high minimum wage, a part-time job in Australia can cover your everyday expenses as accommodation, food, transport, social life, etc.

The student visa has no age limitation and can be required several times. The student visa is approved only if combined with an accredited course provided by some Australia’s schools.

The student visa lasts for a period equal to the duration of your course plus one month (28 days after the last day of class). The minimum duration is 3 months and can go up to 2 years visa. You can choose the duration according to your needs.

Some courses can even make you eligible for a Post-Graduate Visa, a two-year work visa in Australia.

The student visa allows you to include family members: partner and children as dependents.

If your plan is to settle in Australia, having an Australian diploma will be a key asset to apply for a work visa.

If your goal is to stay in Australia, there are many courses that lead to permanent residency.

2. Find a course that caters your needs

In order to apply for a Student Visa, you need to enrol in a school. Reach us for a free consultation. During this consultation, a personal student counsellor will help you to choose the course that best fits your budget and your aims.

3. Benefit from the best prices on schools

We represent over 200 institutions across Australia and have negotiated the best promotional fees to ensure you meet your goals at an affordable price.

4. Let Go Study take care of the paperwork

Once you have chosen your language course, Go Study will help you submit your application and confirm your booking – all for free. We will also follow you in your relationship with your school during the entire duration of your class.

5. Enjoy your stay in Australia!

Follow one of the best trainings in Australia, develop your skills and enjoy the Aussie way of life!

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“I’m so glad I found this agency, friendly, nice team, they helped me a lot and were always in touch during the whole procedure of the visa! And it’s all free! I can just recommend Go study to everyone!”


“Go Study have always provided guidance, support and encouragement when I needed: my resume when I arrived, the right school to learn English first and to prepare my IELTS later. As a Company, we rely on Go Study to provide casual labourers for our events. I am always happy to refer people to Go Study because they are serious professionals who really care about students.”


“My advice to all those who have just arrived is: don’t be afraid to try to work wherever they want and don’t be discouraged on the first try because they can get it.”