In 2017, Go Study Australia is turning 10!

And we have 20, 000 reasons to say THANK YOU!

To celebrate, we will be launching amazing specials and promotions for our students every month between April and September.

Keep an eye on our site for these awesome specials, but in the meantime, check our amazing story below!

Go Study’s timeline

  • 2007 Birth of Go Study

    Go Study was born in April 2007 in Sydney. At the beginning, Go Study had only 4 counsellors and 1 office. Our team took care mainly of Italian and Spanish students in Australia.

  • 2009 Go Study arrives in Europe

    In order to provide a more dedicated support to our students we opened our first offices in Europe in Italy (Rome) and Spain (Barcelona).

  • 2010-2012 Growing in Europe

    Things grew really quickly after our first European offices. We kept growing in Italy and Spain with the opening of our offices in Madrid, Valencia and Milan.

  • 2014 Go Study in France

    Go Study opened its first French office in Toulouse in 2014 after receiving more and more requests from French students.

  • 2010-2017 Everywhere in Australia

    The success of Go Study can be seen by the growth of our offices in Brisbane (2010), Melbourne (2015) and in Perth (2017) which welcome thousands of students into Australia each year. We represent over 150 colleges and universities across Australia.

  • 2017 10 years with you

    It has been an amazing 10 years of turning your dreams into reality. Go Study has grown with our students thanks to your trust and support! From all of us – THANK YOU.

Go Study’s achievements

Over the last 10 years, we have achieved so much together. We made the Australian dream come true for more than 20, 000 people, helping them to study, work and live in Australia and also to find new adventures, set new goals, and make new friends.

With more than 65 staff across 11 offices in Europe & Australia, we are now the largest and most respected Australian agency in Western Europe.

More than 65 staff

In 2007, we started with only 4 counsellors to help our students in Australia. We have now more than 65 staff across Europe and Australia.

11 offices in 4 countries

More than 20,000 people already trusted us, building an amazing community across Australia.

+20,000 people trusted us

More than 20,000 people already trusted us, building an amazing community accross Australia.

10 years together

We have helped you to turn your dreams into reality for a decade now! What an awesome achievement!


To our friends, partner schools and our amazing community: Thank you for your support. We have created the nicest memories together. We have changed the lives of many & made friends for a lifetime…


Let Go Study help you make your new life in Australia. Because Your DREAM, is OUR Passion!

Go Study Australia 10th Anniversary Offers

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