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Together with SELC, one of Australia’s best English schools, we welcome you to sunny Sydney!

Study English with Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach just kilometres away… now that’s the dream! With one campus located near Australia’s most celebrated beach and the other in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, SELC offers you the opportunity to improve your English while enjoying some beautiful areas of the city.

Thanks to GO STUDY’s PROMOTIONAL SPECIAL, you will be able to access the English course that suits you best. This special will save you up to 35% on the list price on a course of study of at least four weeks.

Save up to 35%


Sydney, General English
From four weeks
Working Holiday
Student Visa
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  • Improve your English, thanks to a personalised course chosen according to your needs and your goals
  • Study at an advantageous price thanks to the EXCLUSIVE GO STUDY promotion
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  • It’s Australia’s landmark city: lively, dynamic and there’s always something to do!
  • Nature is an integral part of the city and thanks to the wonderful climate all year round, you can participate in outdoor activities in every season.
  • There are many job opportunities and the labour market is very flexible and open to foreigners.
  • Multiculturalism can be breathed at every step and represents a characteristic trait of Sydney’s identity.

Discover the beauty of living in Sydney SUB TITLE

The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you right here! Sydney stretches all the way from its incredible beaches and coastal walks through the bustling CBD (Central Business District), and then all the way out to the bush land and impressive national parks.


An ocean of friends!

Sara –– 23 years old

My story of redemption and friendship:

from the Po Valley to the Barrier Reef

  • Gold coast