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Win a life and career-changing experience in Australia

Open Your Eyes and Discover A New World, a new you!

Win 12-week expenses paid trip to Australia including Flights costs, 12 weeks English course, accommodation, food and $2000 spending money!

Join our Cultural Ambassador program to be chosen to represent your country as an Ambassador in Australia – supported by the Australian Government.

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Why Join the Cultural Ambassador Experience


An unforgettable experience that no classroom can ever provide.

An Australian Government supported Program that will look great on your CV and change your life

Gain new cultural awareness and inspire others to travel.

What Happens if I win?


1. You will fly to Australia for 12 weeks in 2020  (dates to be agreed with you). Live with an Aussie family as a Demi Pair, undertake 20 hours of English classes a week for up to 12 weeks.

2. During your experience, you will be given a GoPro camera to record your time in Australia and produce inspired and inspiring content for your country audiences.

And if I don’t win?


We can still make your dream come true! at Go Study Australia we provide free consultancy and services for those who want to study, work and live in Australia – contact us today!

Great! How do I start?


1. Enter the via the App on this page and follow the simple steps. It will take less than 3 minutes to enter.

2. Collect points and enter the next levels to progress to the final selection!

Read full terms and conditions here

Why is this Experience Free?

This Ambassador experience is funded by our partners Study Gold Coast – a body of the Australian Government whose mission is to promote educational opportunities within the stunning region of the Gold Coast; and Browns English College, one of Queensland’s best English schools. Their goal is to help people change their lives through international education.

Imagine your life in Australia

Enjoy Gold Coast’s 57 kms of incredible beaches, and surfing, swimming, sun.


Live with a local Austalian family as a Demi-pair for 12 weeks, and become part of the Aussie family!


Attend English lessons at Browns English College, one of the most famous English schools in Australia.


Improve your English with new friends from around the world with interactive classes and outdoor lessons by the beach.


Explore the beach culture and wonders of the Gold Coast with $2000 spending money!


Before you leave?

  • Attend a Go Study office for pre-departure preparation and interview
  • Post about your upcoming adventure on various social channels

While in Australia?

  • Attend English classes 4 days a week and participate in improving your English
  • Commit to 15 hours a week supporting your host families with Demi Pair duties (such as cooking, looking after children, running errands etc)
  • Record, edit, publish and promote at least 1 video per week
  • Attend cultural workshops at a local high school (e.g run a sports class, a language class or share stories about your home country)
  • Attend any official Promotional events offered by Browns English or Study Gold Coast

When Back in your Home Country

  • Edit, publish and promote an overview video about your experience and how it has helped you to ‘open your eyes’
  • Have another interview at Go Study office
  • Organise 3 visits to high schools or universities to showcase your experience in Australia
  • Help Go Study Australia promote Australian education opportunities at various seminars and events

Read the Terms and Conditions for a full understanding of the whole process here

Most of your expenses will be covered by Go Study and our wonderful sponsors at Browns English College and Study Gold Coast.  However some of the expenses you will need to cover include:

  • Cost to secure your visa in Australia
  • Travel/medical experience
  • Personal expenses/shopping when you are in Australia
  • Some meals (your demi pair program covers 3 meals a day, 7 days a week)
  • Travel to the airport from your home in Europe

Don’t forget, we will also give you $2000 AUD spending money to offset all these expenses and help you totally enjoy your trip.

You may start your cultural ambassador program from May 1st  until August 31st 2019. Go Study Australia will work with you to secure a suitable visa and arrange your travel plans

If you have already booked an experience in Australia with Go Study, you may still enter. If you are the winner we will help you transition your booking from your original course to the new experience at Browns English College.

What Happens if I am selected?

  • If you are selected as the Cultural Ambassador for your country, you will fly to Australia for 12 weeks in 2020  (dates to be agreed with you). You will live with an Aussie family as a Demi Pair, and undertake 20 hours of English classes a week for up to 12 weeks.
  • During your experience, you will be given a GoPro camera to record your time in Australia. Each week you will need to publish a video about your cultural exchange and what you are learning.  At the end of your experience, you will produce an overview video to inspire people back in your own country to take the leap and travel abroad.

What if I don’t win

Don’t be sad!

While we expect to have a lot of interest in this program, only 1 candidate per country will be selected. But we can still make your dream come true! at Go Study Australia we provide free consultancy and services for those who want to study, work and live in Australia – contact us today!

This Sounds Awesome, How do I join?

The Cultural Ambassador Program is open to anyone over 18 years old, who holds a French, Italian or Spanish Passport. To enter this contest, and be considered as a finalist you will need to undertake a few simple tasks

For stage 1 of the contest, you need to undertake a few simple actions to gain ‘points’.  Anyone who gets 30 points or more will be invited to stage 2. You may earn points by:

  • Sharing the “Open your Eyes” video with your friends
  • Visiting and liking the Go Study Australia  facebook and instagram
  • Watching a video on how to maximise your points

It should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete these actions and get your 30 points.

Once you score your 30 points, you will be invited to stage 2. Time to get creative.  Record a video (no more than 1minute long) explaining how Go Study Australia this experience can help “Open Your Eyes”.     You can get as creative as you want

Upload the video to the designated platform listed in your invitation email.  And ask your friends to vote for you.

A shortlist of 30 videos will be chosen per country, based on the number of votes each video receives.   The Top 30 most voted videos will be selected for consideration.

The final winner will be chosen by a judging panel at Go Study based on considerations including:

  • Our favourite video (engaging, original, emotive)
  • The number of votes received
  • The number of points received from stage 1

The competition will open on Nov 18, 2019.   Invitations for stage 2 will be issued from Dec 1 2019.  We will accept video submissions up until Jan 30. The winner will be notified on Feb 28 by Go Study Social media, and email

A Quick Summary

– Go Study Australia is giving you the chance to win a 12 week Ambassador experience in Australia
– The Trip is an ‘all expenses paid’ experience living with a family in Australia, learning English and sharing cultural interaction
– To win, you simply need to enter the competition via the app and follow a few simple instructions.
– This is the most amazing experience Go Study Australia has ever been able to offer.

We are thrilled to have our sponsors support such a life changing opportunity and we hope we can help you open your eyes in Australia
Enter now, and change your life forever!