Boost your English!

Make the most of your Australian Adventure!

Whether you have only just arrived in Australia or you’ve been here a while, it is crucial to speak good English. Beginner or intermediate, improving your skills can make a big difference with finding work, making new friends and even applying for work visas.

Below we have listed all the reasons why you should develop your English skills and the best courses to help you reach your goals!

We will find the school and course to best suit your level of Englishbudget and your goals, guaranteeing the best fees available.

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Boost your social life.

It can be hard to build a social life in a country if you don’t speak the language. You don’t need to worry though; we’ve got your back! Start your adventure with a week or two of learning English and you’ll feel much more comfortable in your everyday life.

  • General English

    The General English course is designed for those who wish to improve their English skills all round: conversational, oral comprehension, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

Get the job you want.

If you are looking for a highly qualified job, having a good level of English can make the job hunt much easier. We have the perfect course to help!

  • Business English

    The Business English (English for Business Communication) course is designed to help with the language preparation for anyone looking to work in a corporate environment.

Study at the finest Australian Universities.

The most prestigious universities require a really good level of English. We have the courses that will help you meet those requirements!

  • Academic English

    The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) course helps you improve your English skills for Academic requirements.

Get an English Certification.

Some jobs and work visas in Australia require an English certification. Go Study can help you book your exam and enrol for a preparation course to help you get the best marks!

The most popular English certifications are:

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System

    The IELTS certificate is an internationally recognised certificate. It is acknowledged by the Australian Government for migration issues and is a requirement if you would like to pursue higher education or professional pathways.

  • Cambridge

    The Cambridge Certificate is useful if you are looking to study any vocational and higher education courses. It has unlimited validity.

Go Study – Best prices & FREE support.

The price depends on your level of English, the course you choose and the duration of the course. Go Study works with more than 200 schools. We will find the best school and course to fit your budget, goals and guarantee you the best fees available!

On top of helping you to choose the right English course for free, Go Study will support you in every aspect of your experience.

Go Study FREE support includes:

  • Facilitated enrolment procedures

    Don’t stress about the paperwork, Go Study will take care of everything!

  • Support during your studies

    A counsellor will follow and support you throughout your course. If you need to change your class, timetable or extend the duration of your course, we’re here to help!

  • Personalised consultation

    You will have a personalised counsellor to answer all your needs.

  • English, Italian, Spanish, French & Portuguese speaking team

    We speak your language!

  • Employment support

    We will support you with building your resume and writing a cover letter, as well as offering tips and advice to help you find a job quickly!

  • Social events

    Life is not only about studies! Go Study organises evenings, get-togethers and weekend away. Join our community!

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