Schools in Australia

Go Study Australia collaborates with over 140 across the Australian territory. Choose from a range of schools that provide courses of English, Vocational studies, University degrees and Master levels.

The heart of Go Study advisory services is the choice of the study pathway. Our student advisors will guide you in the choice of the destination, school and course that best suits you!

No school is alike one another and do not have the same costs, why? There are excellent institutions at competitive prices and cheap schools of mediocre quality. Basing your choice uniquely on a price index can be misleading.

We will help you understand why some schools are better than others, the characteristics that determine their quality and price and the courses that best meet your needs!

Furthermore, the close collaborative knit between Go Study and Australian institutions allows us to take advantage of promotions and discounted rates for our students.

Which steps must be made?

  1. Choose a destination
  2. Select a school or course
  3. Enroll in a course
  4. Lodge Student Visa

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