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Choose from 5 disciplines and 13 business related programs at Australia’s largest boutique vocational college – and say hello to a new world of possibilities!

Greenwich offers courses with a focus on Business, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Digital Transformation, Marketing and Communication and Event Management.Greenwich Management provides good quality education at a very competitive price!


Melbourne / Sydney CBD
North Sydney

Why Greenwich Management College?

  1. Practical, hand on teaching methods with real life case studies
  2. Great student community with lots of fun activities
  3. Flexible Timetable, frequent intakes
  4. Competitive price and flexible installment plan
  5. High quality, well located campuses: Sydney and Melbourne

Video overview

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Super Advantages

Up to 9 hours of free after class study clubs, activities (speaking club, career hub help club, Cambridge club) and electives

  • Start at any time: 6 intakes a year
  • 2 weeks of holiday every 6 weeks 
  • Payment flexibility: every 8 weeks

Why we love it

Cami de Iesu


“I love Greenwich because is the Highest quality English college in Australia, it has a huge course range and it is great value for money”

Cami De Iesu
Go Study Student Advisor

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Greenwich educational offer

Certificate II in Workplace Skills (BSB20120)

Learn the basic skills for a successful start to your business career.
The Certificate II in Workplace Skills is designed for students who want to learn the basic skills to begin a successful career in Business in an English-speaking country.

This course equips learners with basic all-round business knowledge and extends their skills so that they can learn the basics of successfully contributing in a business environment. Students will learn  to communicate in the workplace and produce digital workplace documents.

24 weeks

Future Career Opportunities
Administrative Assistant, Office Worker, and Receptionist

You will learn to

BSBWHS211 – Contribute to the health and safety of self and others (Core)

BSBSUS211 – Participate in sustainable work practices (Core)

BSBCMM211 – Apply communication skills (Core)

BSBOPS201 – Work effectively in business environments (Core)

BSBPEF202 – Plan and apply time management (Core)

BSBOPS203 – Deliver a service to customers

BSBPEF201 – Support personal wellbeing in the workplace

BSBTEC201 – Use business software applications

BSBTEC202 – Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment

BSBTEC203 – Research using the internet

Certificate IV in Business (BSB40120)


The Certificate IV in Business is designed for students who want to start a successful career in Business in an English-speaking country.

This course equips learners with sound business knowledge and extends their skills so that they can learn the basics of successfully contributing in a business. Students will learn  to implement customer service strategies and basic leadership skills.

Through our expert trainers and real-life case study approach, our graduates are job-ready faster. Our Studio+ programme offers students industry internship placement opportunities.

24 weeks

Career Opportunities

Administrator, Office Coordinator, and Project Officer.

You will learn to

BSBCRT411 – Apply critical thinking to work practices (Core)

BSBTEC404 – Use digital technologies to collaborate in a work environment (Core)

BSBTWK401 – Build and maintain business relationships (Core)

BSBWHS411 – Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs (Core)

BSBWRT411 – Write complex documents (Core)

BSBXCM401 – Apply communication strategies in the workplace (Core)

BSBPEF402 – Develop personal work priorities

BSBPEF403 – Lead personal development

BSBCMM411 – Make presentations

BSBPMG430 – Undertake project work

BSBMKG434 – Promote products and services

BSBOPS404 – Implement customer service strategies

Diploma of Business – Digital Transformation (BSB50120)


The Diploma of Business (Digital Transformation) is designed for people looking to gain a deeper understanding of the digital world. We’ve recognised the need for this qualification to help upskill students in all aspects of the data management and usage, digital marketing, communication and other industry relevant digital skills. 

Throughout the course we’ll teach you how to optimise your digital and data strategies and tactics to get 100% job ready.

Gain practical knowledge and skills in data analysis, Martech automation, SEO, cyber security awareness, content creation, and understand how they work together to create an effective digital strategy for your company and improve the efficiency of your business. 

Corporate and business environments now demand an integrated approach across functional areas such as marketing, finance and logistics. Our Diploma of Business (Digital Transformation) course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to work across organisations and businesses both in a leadership or team role covering units that focus on today’s disruptive, digital and data driven environments.

40-44 weeks

Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Data Analyst, SEO and more.

You will learn to:

How Digital Marketing Affects Your Audience (BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others – Core)

  • Control your Digital Budget (BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans – Core)
  • Manage your Digital Resources (BSBOPS501 Manage business resources – Core)
  • Develop an internal sustainability program (BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability – Core)
  • Build a Workplace Communication Plan (BSBXCM501 Lead communication in the workplace – Core)
  • Maximise the Effect of Your Digital Strategy & SEO (BSBDAT501 Analyse data)
  • Martech and Automation – CRM and CMS (BSBINS502 Coordinate data management)
  • Develop Digital Solutions to Work Processes (BSBTEC403 Apply digital solutions to work processes)
  • Navigate the Digital World Safely (BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and practices)
  • Create a social responsibility focus (BSBSUS601 Lead corporate social responsibility)
  • Develop and create workplace communications (BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas)

Host Great Digital Meetings (BSBTWK503 Manage meetings)

English for Academic Purpose

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English for Business

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English + Creative Technology

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Cambridge Exam Preparation: PET, FCE, CAE, CPE

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