To open a bank account in Australia is a major issue for some: choosing the right bank, understanding the paperwork needed, how to transfer money before departure and accessing it upon arrival.

Go Study is here to help!

With an established partnership with one of Australia’s leading banks – Commonwealth Bank – the process is hassle free! You will be able to activate a bank account online. Ask your Counselor who will guide you in the process and your Australian bank account will be open within minutes!

Your Australian bank account in 4 easy steps:

  • Activate online*
  • Receive bank details via email
  • Transfer money before departure
  • Pre-order bank card and collect it at your chosen branch upon arrival

*To open and close a bank account is free of charge. Commonwealth Bank waives fees for the first 12 months with option to extend after the initial period. Conditions may apply.

Why Choose Commonwealth Bank:

  • Easy online access
  • Easy money transfer before arrival
  • Fees waived for the first 12 months
  • Bank card ready to collect upon arrival just with proof of ID!
  • Account tailored to your needs, whether you study or work

Is transferring money to Australia expensive?

ASK GO STUDY and DISCOVER NEXPAY: how to transfer money worldwide and avoid transaction fees.