Go Study is an Australian based organization providing free counseling and assistance services for Students in Australia, Italy, France and Spain. Every day we provide assistance to many people, including those who have already required their Working Holiday Visa, or those who are over 31 years old and can no longer apply for a WHV.

How to start your adventure in Australia with a Student Visa?

A Student Visa can be granted at any age and allows to work in Australia provided compulsory enrolment and attendance in a study course of choice.This visa will also grant work rights (40 hrs every two weeks) in Australia.

Go Study can assist you in the selection of a suitable course based on your budget and career goals. Go Study will also help you through the Student Visa application process that requires a confirmation of enrolment (COE) that will be obtained from the institution of choice upon enrolment.

Go Study is not a recruitment agency but will provide full support in your job search. Find out details of our job support services and the work limits a Student Visa entitles.

Our international staff at our offices will assist you through all the necessary paperwork and in the process of looking for a job.

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Work + English course

This is the most popular solution. Learning English is essential to enhance your opportunities to settle professionally in Australia. For most transfer pathways, The Australian Department of Immigration requires an IELTS certificate in which your score will depend on your professional pathway of choice.

Work + Vocational course

A vocational training course is the best choice for those who already have good knowledge of the English language and wish to obtain a practical certificate thus to enhance a specific skill. Vocational training courses (VET) are medium to long term courses and can be paid through instalments. Attendance may be flexible up to three days per week allowing you to work through your studies.

English courses and vocational training courses can be combined to suit your needs.

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