There are so many jobs available for people working in tourism, hotel management or event management. This is your gateway to adventure and experience anywhere in the world.

Meet business leaders from the Hotel Management industry and network with alumni of The Hotel School and senior industry leaders:

  • World Class Education

  • • Over 8000 industry experience opportunities •
  • • Gain skills to work anywhere in the world •
  • • Graduate programs with the world famous hospitality group, Mulpha properties •
  • • Internship placements in the world’s best hotels •
  • • 30 years as a leading Hotel Management College •

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

Effective and successful management of hotels and other types of hospitality can make the difference for an amazing experience in a highly competitive industry.

3 years full-time or part-time equivalent. Melbourne & Sydney

Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management

This course will set you on a path toward a highly rewarding career on a global stage as a master of hospitality management and hotel management.

2 years full-time or part-time equivalent. Melbourne & Sydney. Start dates in February, July and November

Short term Study Abroad

If you’re just looking for a short term boost in your skills or to advance your career, the Graduate Certificate in International Tourism and Hotel Management is an ideal way to boost your knowledge.

Study for only 1 or 2 terms and gain credit for your degree back home.


Internships are a strong feature of these courses. They are a unique part of your degree, designed to assist in working out which career pathway is best suited to you and to add valuable experience to your career.

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