Casual Jobs in Australia

Find a temporary employment is an essential step to start your adventure in Australia. This job can be part time or full time, depending on your availability and your needs during your stay Down Under, as well as to fund future projects.

Being informed and prepared is essential. The offers of temporary employment are many and to be hired you need to be prepared and organized.

In our office in Australia we organize regular seminars for casual and professional job search. Discover our job search services.
Having good skills in English, both written and oral, and a good attitude is essential. Discover the details of our employment assistance: pre-departure counseling and support in Australia.

Hospitality jobs

The “hospitality” sector is the biggest emloyer of casaul staff in Australia. Waiters, bartenders, chefs, kitchen hands and cleaners are some of the most common casual jobs. You can apply for these jobs if you’re a Student Visa or Working Holiday Visa holder.

The best way to get a job is definitely to walk around the city and personally leave your CV (resume). Enter restaurants and bars and ask to speak with the manager.
However, it’s important to do things properly: a specific CV for that specific job offer is the best way.

In the hospitality sector if you make a good impression you will be offered a trial, often unpaid, where you can show your skills and your preparation. If you pass the test, you’ll have conquered your first Australian job!
Depending on your English level you may start as a runner (set and clear the table, brings food and drinks) or as a waiter. The more English that you have the better the job you are likely to find.

To work in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol you need an RSA Certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol), which requires a half-day course. Talk to us to arrange this once you arrive in Australia.
Average salaries are between $15 and $20 AUD per hour, plus tips.


Other Casual jobs

Not only Hospitality: Australian cities offer many other different “casual jobs”, i.e. temporary jobs with hourly wages.
Promoters, shop assistants, painter, gardeners, dogsitter….these jobs are perfect to earn some money without committing to a full time job. And your visa status and imperfect English should not get in the way.

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