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Study and live in one of the best beaches of the world!

Bondi beach is known as one of the world’s famous beaches of the world and very popular for surfers, daytrippers and tourists!

Bondi beach is just 8 km from the city centre of Sydney and it is easy to get to by public transport from the Sydney CBD.

It’s a surfers paradise! Bondi beach is the perfect place to live, many Go Study students actually choose to live in Bondi Beach as its a fun, festive community with lots of fun activities to do each day.  

There are a lot of things to do. You can find here the best surf spot, the famous Iceberg swimming pool, cool shops and some of the best restaurants, bars and cafes. The weather is amazing and there live a lot of international people, so it is easy to make a lot of friends.


  • The People of Bondi
  • The beach is amazing
  • Restaurants and stores from everywhere in the world
  • Best waves in Sydney!
  • Amazing parties

Studying near Bondi

There aren’t schools in Bondi, but it is only 8km from the city centre of Sydney. Bondi beach is perfect to live while you are studying in Sydney, since you can enjoy the beach and the unique lifestyle in Bondi besides studying. A lot of our international students live in Bondi because of this reason. 

Bondi is the perfect place to meet other international students and to make a lot of friends. Going for a swim or to surf in the morning and go to class afterwards, the perfect combination of study and fun.

English Courses

Do you want to improve your English?

Living in Bondi while studying an English course in Sydney is the best to improve your English. There are a lot of international students living in Bondi which will help you talk in English all the time. So besides learning English in schools you can also practice it with friends. Besides, big chance that your classmates are also living in Bondi, so you can go to class together.

Professional Courses

What if your English is already good?

If your English level is good enough, you can also study different vocational courses (VET) in the city while living in Bondi. These courses will train you in a specific field of work and you can get an Australian qualification. 
If you would love to live in Bondi, studying a vocational course in Sydney might be for you.


Looking to undertake studies at university level?

Australia has some of the world’s best universities. An example is the University of Sydney, which is ranked 61st in the world and also a renowned university in the country. Studying at a university in Sydney, while living in Bondi, might be something for you if you want to take an extra step in your career.

Working in Bondi

Every year a lot of tourists go to Bondi to see the iconic beach and the Iceberg pool and therefore there are also a lot of jobs in Hospitality in Bondi. Since Bondi beach is really popular, but there is also a lot of competition in getting a job. 
It is important that your English skills are strong and that you have the desired experience in the field you apply for. A lot of students combine an English course with a casual job to increase their job chances. 
The first time when you arrive in Bondi the prices can be shocking. But no worries, the salaries and minimum wages are higher as well and reflect these higher costs!

Knowledge of the English language is essential for anyone looking for work. Job seekers with strong English skills and experience in their desired field may have an easier time finding a job in Bondi. A casual job, combined with attending an English course, is recommended for those who do not yet speak English fluently. These skills will increase your employment opportunities.

Once you arrive in Bondi, start looking for a job that will provide you with an income as soon as possible. You will then be able to focus more time on moving into an industry that interests you.

It is important to maintain a positive attitude even if things are not going exactly as you planned. In Australia, motivation and willingness are taken into account.

The cost of living in Bondi can come as a bit of a shock when you first arrive but there’s no need to worry. Salaries and minimum wages reflect this and are higher too; you’ll feel much better after receiving your first paycheck.

Ready to Go?

Living in Bondi

Residents of Bondi enjoy a high quality of life due to the perfect beach lifestyle and study opportunities.  The laid back, relaxed atmosphere allows you to make the most of your leisure time. Bondi residents work hard to surf hard.

Bondi beach is one of the perfect places to live, not only because you live close to the beach. The neighbourhood is amazing and very lively. Everyone looks amazing and very stylish. There are a lot of amazing cafes, art galleries, restaurants and bars. The vibe is really laid-back.

It is amazing to live close to the beach. Before you go to your class you can go for a swim or a surf. There is also a great party atmosphere from Wednesday to Saturday.  
Due to the beach lifestyle, the quality of life is really high. The motto of Bondi residents is work hard, play hard!

Why choose Bondi instead of one of Australia’s other cities?

Bondi is the perfect place to live if you love beaches, but also want to live close to the city centre of Sydney. The combination of work/ study and life is amazing here.

Nature and Architecture

Bondi beach has some of the most iconic buildings, like the Bondi Beach pavillon and the iceberg pool. Originally the pavillon has change rooms, a courtyard and Turkish baths, but now it have been upgrated to an art gallery, theater and netball court. 

For the appartments in Bondi the art deco style is very present, and most houses are painted in a range of pastel colours. Cubism and Avant garde art influences art deco design in the early 20th century. 

Bondi beach is also influenced by Victorian style architecture.


Bondi has an amazing culture with a lot of different nationalities. There is a lot to do and the nightlife is amazing. There is a laid back vibe. In Bondi beach you will find a lot of good looking and fit people.


Multiculturalism is a huge part of the Bondi lifestyle, since a lot of international students work and live here.

The laid back lifestyle and the chilled out beach life vibes makes this place so amazing to live in. 

Sports and being fit is really important here and you will see a lot of fit People in Bondi. It is also a surfers paradise!

Live in Bondi with GO STUDY

We are here to be your friend and expert mentor throughout your time in Australia. We can solve your problems and connect you to amazing opportunities that will ensure your experience in Australia is nothing less than life changing. Our counsellors speak multiple languages and our door is always open should you need support!