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GO STUDY is an Australian student agency providing FREE assistance to travellers in Australia. Extend your Student Visa with Go Study, what are you waiting for?

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5 reasons to extend your stay with GO STUDY:

The best free support

All GO STUDY services are free of charge! We are funded by Australian educational institutions.

We will support and help you in all the steps of your school enrolment (choice of school, courses, enrolment, timetable, etc.) and relationships (changing course, transferring classes, etc.), your visa renewal and all the time-consuming administrative parts.

Best price guaranteed

We work with more than 250 schools across Australia. Thanks to our exclusive offers and discounts with schools all around Australia, we guarantee you the best possible price.

Australian studies specialists

Our teams are made up of professional and passionate student counsellors. They will find you the perfect school and course that suits your needs, expectations and budget.

We are the best-trained Australian education agency.

We speak five languages

Our team members can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French!

An amazing community

Life is more than studying and work! GO STUDY encourages you to have fun at their weekly events, meet new people and explore the new city you’re in.

From BBQs, excursions and adventures on the beach, we’re sure to have an event for everyone. Check out our upcoming events.

The benefits of a Student Visa:

Work while studying

A Student Visa allows you to work 40 hours every two weeks while you study and full time during your breaks.

Thanks to a high minimum wage, a part-time job in Australia can cover your everyday expenses such as accommodation, food, transport and social activities.

Short- or long-term visa

A Student Visa lasts for the duration of your course plus one month (28 days after the last day of class). The minimum duration of a Student Visa is three months and can go up to two years, before renewal. You can choose the duration according to your needs. Many students study on this visa for up to five years.

Some courses can even make you eligible for a Post-Graduate Visa – a two-year work visa in Australia. Extend your Student Visa, what are you waiting for?

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Get an Australian qualification

Australian education is highly regarded worldwide. Your visa will allow you to study at a number of highly reputable institutions. If your plan is to settle in Australia, having an Australian diploma will be a key asset to apply for a work visa.

Working after you study

If you study for two or more years at a Bachelor or Master’s level – you will be eligible for a two-year Post Study Visa. This means you will have two whole years to work full time and look for a sponsor. This is an incredible benefit that many internationals take up to begin their careers, with the goal to either stay in Australia or take their experience back to their home country

Stay in Australia permanently

Some states, like Western Australia, give permanent residency options to people who study a degree at a university. Education can be a great pathway to residency in Australia, if you meet the right criteria.


Nearly every university has some form of scholarship or discount for students from the UK and Europe. Talk to one of our advisors to learn about what offers are available for the courses and schools you are interested in.

No age limitation

A Student Visa has no age limitation and can be renewed several times. It will only be approved if it is combined with an accredited course provided by some Australian schools.

You must pass the IELTS exam to qualify for a working visa.

Include your partner on the visa

A Student Visa allows you to include family members, such as partners and children, as dependents.

Extend your Student Visa, what are you waiting for?