Go Study Australia

Are bank transfers to Australia expensive?

Don’t worry, we’ve thought about that too! With GO STUDY, you can rely on the Nexpay service. This allows you to make international transfers without having to pay bank fees.

We work with NexPay to ensure you are getting the reliability you need and saving on international transactions whilst in Australia.


What are the benefits of NexPay?


The EUR/AUD exchange rate is very competitive and is cheaper than those available to traditional banks


You can make international transfers directly in your local currency – depending on your bank.


You can pay and track at any time. Transparency and security are guaranteed!


The more you pay, the more you save (on average, for a transfer of 3,500€, you will save 100€)

Three easy steps to transfer with NexPay

  • Create a payment instruction: State who you are paying and how much you are paying them (in AUD). NexPay will quote you the amount payable, in your currency, at their best exchange rate.
  • Transfer funds to NexPay: Pay NexPay with your preferred payment method (online bank transfer, wire transfer or VISA/ Mastercard).
  • NexPay makes your payment: NexPay converts and delivers your payment to your chosen institution.