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Australia is a country full of job opportunities!

Whatever your age, specialization or aspirations, there is a wide range of possibilities to explore in Australia! It is possible to find a job in almost all sectors relatively quickly, even for people from abroad.

Working in Australia: Jobs in High Demand

Unemployment rates in Australia are low, and the wages are much higher than in Europe and Latin America. So, even with part-time work, you will be able to sustain your new adventure, but with commitment and sacrifice, you can also lay the foundations for a long-term stay in Australia.

Many international decide to seek work in Australia. Due to the fact that the country is large but sparsely populated, Australia presents itself to internationals as rich in opportunities, with a solid and diversified economy. However, this does not mean that moving to Australia and finding a job is a foregone conclusion. Although it is simpler than in other countries, a great deal of effort and preparation is needed if you are to achieve your goals.

First of all, a good knowledge of English is essential (you can start your experience with a language course!).

Secondly, you need to be flexible. If, in fact, finding a job within two weeks is possible, it will hardly be a qualified or high-level job. Many employers know that travellers will only have a few months of Australian work experience. In the beginning, it will be important to be satisfied looking for work in the sectors where the demand is greatest: tourism and catering (waiters, barmen, dishwashers, receptionists, etc.), construction (bricklayers, labourers, workers, carpenters) and agriculture (fruit and vegetable pickers, farmworkers, livestock workers). These are examples of casual jobs: jobs that can be learned in a short time and that almost everyone can do.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Australia.

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Only later, when you have a deeper understanding of Australia’s job landscape, should you move on to a more qualified job.

The Australian labour market, much like the USA and England, is very dynamic and changing jobs frequently is not seen as a negative thing. It is associated with the desire to improve oneself and shows an enterprising spirit.

Australia is a country where you are not locked into one job; there is always room for movement! Here is a list of some of the most popular types of work in Australia.