Go Study Australia

Australia is a country as large as Europe, with many different climates and time zones.

There’s more than one type of Australia: you can come across crowded metropolises or uninhabited places. You may experience sunny, tropical climates or cooler, rainier ones.

Choosing your destination is therefore the first big decision to make before you leave.

Remember, our expert advisors have lived in Australia as international students and can give you the advice you need to choose the destination that best suits you.

The advice of Go Study

The choice of the city is the first important decision to make when deciding to leave!

Many people choose the city in which to live their Australian experience without great awareness; they opt for a particular city, relying on the opinion of friends, acquaintances, or by going off what is written in a travel blog or even based on the cost of the flight.

Instead, choosing the city is the first important decision to make when you decide to travel. To make your first impression of Australia as good as possible, our advice is: choose the destination that’s closest to your personality and habits. You’ll always be able to travel to another city during your stay. In Australia, it’s hard for people to stay in the same place for long.